Season 15 of Clash Royale takes us into the Naval War

The new Clan Wars come to Clash Royale

The season Clash Royale 15 is now available in the game, it’s called War Naval and take advantage of the new and renovated Clan Wars 2.

A new season comes to the game

Just a few days ago we let you know that Clash Royale had released the new Clan Wars 2. These wars were completely different from what we have known up to now and introduced new mechanics and ways of playing.

But now, like every beginning of the month or so, we have a new season available in the game. This season, which is the season 15, is called War Naval and largely takes advantage of Wars of Clans that came with this update.

Clash Royale season 15 takes advantage of the recently released Clan Wars 2

And it is that, in this season, there are not too many novelties. The Sand Legendary happens to be the Sand of the Fisherman from the first season that the game premiered. From there, we find the classic content that usually has Clash Royale in the seasons.

clash royale season 15 1

Some game rewards

In this season, in addition to not having a new season, we also don’t have a new menu. That yes, we have the letter of the Guards boosted throughout the season. And because of this and the short that will be released soon on YouTube, Supercell gives us a guards emoji.

We have, as usual with the rewards brands, 35 free and another 35 if we buy the season pass. And this time around, in addition to an exclusive emoji and tower skin, Supercell has also decided to gift all players with a tower skin at the free 10 mark.

clash royale season 15 1

Challenges that this season includes

Regarding balance changes, the healing radius of the Spirit of Healing and increased the damage area of ​​the Spirits of Fire. Also increased the speed of the first attack of the Electrocutors and the attack speed of the Bombardier.

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The truth is that, as in previous seasons and despite not being bad, this season does not have many improvements. What do you think about it? Are you still playing Clash Royale?


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