Save 50% on the BoomBand Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Fitness bracelets and smartwatches have their limits, one of them being the functionality of the speakers. Some don’t even play music other than through a separate speaker, and the sound quality is limited on others. If you like a portable device, but want a speakerphone and don’t need a watch face, you can try the Tech-Life BoomBand Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

The luminous face of the watch will not disturb you all day long, making it a suitable accessory for many situations where you want to be accompanied by your music or maybe even your favorite podcasts. Whether you’re camping, hiking, biking or even sitting at home in your own space, this is your personal bluetooth speaker. Since it is IPX6 waterproof, it can also go to the beach or swimming pool and withstand sweaty workout.

Deal Boomband Bluetooth Speaker Louder

Yet despite the personal nature of the Tech-Life BoomBand portable Bluetooth speaker, that doesn’t mean you get a speaker with limited sound. It’s up to twice as loud as an average smartphone, giving you powerful sound from a small device.

Connect it to your smartphone and, like a smart watch, never miss a call when you’re on the go. There is no need to hold your arm against your mouth or prevent your hands from moving. BoomBand will still pick up your voice.

The laptop will give you up to 10 hours of playback and allow you to quickly connect to Amazon Echo, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, LG, Sony, HTC and other Bluetooth enabled smartphones and tablets.

Save 50% on this portable speaker and pay just $ 34.99.

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Tech-Life BoomBand Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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