Samsung wants our iPhone to be a Galaxy with this “app”

Samsung wants our iPhone to be a Galaxy with this "app"

Samsung has made available to users of iPhone a webapp so that we can convert our iPhone in a Samsung galaxy.

Turn your iPhone into a Samsung Galaxy

Who more or who knows the least about the rivalry on smartphones between Samsung Y Manzana. Y Samsung has found a new way to promote its latest smartphones in a rather eye-catching and interesting way directly on our iPhone.

This time it is a webapp For us iPhone With which we can emulate and “test” in a virtual way the operating system and functionalities that we can find in the latest smartphones launched by Samsung. This webapp is called iTest.

If you want to try this on your own, you will only have to access the web Once you are on the web you will have to press the share icon and select Add to the home screen. By doing so you will already have the webapp in your iPhone.

iTest is a webapp without access to the data of our iPhone:

By accessing it, iTest will tell us that we can try a little of a Samsung Galaxy without changing phone. Of course, it warns us that everything we see is nothing more than simulations, something logical since the webapp cannot access the data and others of our device.

samsung galaxy iphone itest 1

The webapp loading screen

We can see, for example, the operation of the operating system that we find in the Galaxy, as well as different applications such as messages and the phone app or themes, and the different functions that are in the cameras, among many other things.

samsung galaxy iphone itest 2

A Galaxy on an iPhone

While not too many people may be thinking of changing their iPhone for Samsung Galaxy, more if it is within the complete ecosystem of Manzana, this movement of Samsung not to be curious and flashy. It is, in fact, an interesting move to make your products known in the rival ecosystem. What do you think of this? Will you prove it?


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