RUMORS start to arrive of what the iPhone 13 will be like

RUMORS start to arrive of what the iPhone 13 will be like

The first ones have not yet been sent iPhone 12 to their owners and we already have rumors of what the future will be like iPhone 13. It seems that the movements he has made Manzana with the release of his latest smartphone, they will mark the path of what will be its future flagship.

Prototype iPhone 13

It seems that those of Cupertino have given many clues of what the iPhone which will be launched, if nothing prevents it, in September 2021. It seems that the iPhone 12 It is going to be a model of transition between the “iPhone with cable” and the “iPhone without cables.”

From the account of Twitter @LeaksApplePro rumors have started to spread about the future device of Manzana And we have to say, from our humble point of view, that they don’t seem to be going the wrong way.

This is supposed to be the iPhone 13 of 2021:

This is the tweet that was launched a few days ago from the account that we have mentioned before:

If we translate it we see that it says this:

  • Touch ID in the middle of the screen (from the middle to the bottom so you can press where you want).
  • No ports, charge via MagSafe or SmartConnector.
  • Redesign of the batteries to last longer.
  • The camera is expected to have a massive upgrade.
  • 120 Hz.

A priori they are novelties that could be implemented and that, some of them, have been expected for a long time, such as the arrival of 120Hz.

It is too early to ensure that iPhone 13 They will come with all these advances but they are not far-fetched.

The implementation of Touch ID It was a characteristic expected by many given the times that run, due to the issue of the mask, but that it is under the screen is something that does not suit us much. The new ones iPad Air they add it to the lock button … why do the iPhone under the screen ?. If so, it would be much more comfortable to use and possibly Manzana intend to implement it in that area. It is a rumor that has been with us for a long time and that may come true next year.

The one that iPhone 12 come without Earpods and without a power adapter it gives the feeling that we are facing a transition model towards a iPhone future without any port. It may not be next year’s model that comes without ports, but possibly we will see it in a few years.

And what do you think about these first rumors of the iPhone 13? We are waiting your comments.



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