Rumors begin about the future Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch could detect the Coronavirus before you have symptoms

Rumors about the future are already starting to appear Apple Apple Watch, predictably what will be the Series 7.

There are already rumors of the Apple Watch Series 7

With him iPhone, one of the most popular products of Manzana is he Apple watch, the smart watch. And, although last year Apple introduced the Series 6, rumors are already beginning to spread about the future wrist device of Manzana.

One of the main, and of which we have already spoken, it would be a blood glucose sensor. The way to do it would be non-invasive and would be very useful for people with diabetes. This sensor would therefore join the rest of the sensors that the Apple watch As the ECG or the blood oxygen sensor.

In addition, the Apple Watch Series 7 could present a new design. The design of the Watch it has been practically static since its launch, except for the modification that was made in it with the launch of the Series 4 on the screen.

The Apple Watch Series 7 could have a new design

Well, the redesign that the future would have Watch Series 7, it would be even greater. This model acquired a shape similar to the one that the new ones already have iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, being more square and maybe something thicker. Not only that, but it would also premiere solid state buttons that they did not “click” physically, something that we already saw in the iPhone 7, and a newer chip.

Apple WatchApple Watch

A feature of the current Apple Watch

It is likely that this device will be presented in September or October of this year, thus replacing the Series 6 and adding a few new features that will make it once again the best seller that the Watch itself is already being.

As usual, it is still too early to know if these rumors will finally become reality or, on the contrary, they will remain in the inkwell of failed rumors. What do you think of these rumors? Do you think they will come true?


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