Royal Match for iPhone. A Candy Crush with touches of Gardenscapes

Royal Match for iPhone.  A Candy Crush with touches of Gardenscapes

Very good to everyone!. Today I want to talk to you about Royal match, a game that has seemed to me an almost perfect mix of Candy crushy the saga Scapes, so much Homescapes, What gardenscapes, of which I am a regular player. Throughout the article, you will see that there are great similarities between them, but Royal match has its own personality, don’t think you’re going to play a copy of another game!

Royal Match for iPhone

As I tell you, it is an addictive game for iphone, where we must break objects, while we are earning stars to furnish and improve the rooms of our palace. Sometimes we will need a star, or in many others, more than one to go beyond the levels.

As soon as you start, and as with almost all games of this type, you will receive a small tutorial, which will explain how to put the pieces together, the different combos, where to see the task list …

Royal Match for iPhone is very reminiscent of Candy crush SAGA:

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here I leave it:

Royal Match home tutorial

Home tutorial

The tasks I was talking about will make us get stars to complete missions, which will help us to build the different rooms of the palace, as well as coins to buy power-ups, etc.

Tasks in Royal Match

Tasks in Royal Match

As in games of the same category, we will find events, which will give us a certain time of infinite lives, power-ups to use in a limited time … Advance levels, and a range of options will begin to open. Within these options are, for example, limited-time events. At the time of writing this article, for example, there is an event available where if we manage to break 50 books, they will give us 15 minutes of infinite lives.

Limited time events at Royal Match

Limited Time Events at Royal Match

Another game that you must download for your devices, if you are lovers of the puzzle genre. For my part, it has hooked me and it has come to stay on my iPhone. I leave the link here so that you can download it and enjoy it.

Download Royal Match

And you, up to what level have you reached? Leave it to me in the comments!


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