Roblox, synonymous with endless fun on your iPhone and iPad

Roblox, synonymous with endless fun on your iPhone and iPad

If you are looking for a game to have fun with, you have to try Roblox on iPhone and iPad. A playground where you can play almost anything, with thousands of players around the world.

Roblox for iPhone and iPad

Roblox for iPhone and iPad

Roblox It’s one of the games online, most complete of all App Store. It has everything you need to be able to spend hours and hours playing it. Without a doubt, one of the favorite games, especially among the youngest.

I am a family man and I know what I tell you. The iPad from home we have it full of games for my son and I have to tell you that the one he has the best time with is with Roblox. In addition, many friends of his class play it and remain in this fun virtual world.

In this game you can explore millions of unique games created by other users, chat with friends, play together whenever and wherever you want, it allows us to create our avatar with lots of accessories and original objects….

Play Roblox on iPhone and iPad:

To be able to play from your device Manzana you must register. By simply entering a username and password you can access the game.

Your main screen is like a playground. In it we can explore and access all the most played games of the moment. Just browse through it to see and choose the game you want to play.

Roblox GamesRoblox Games

Roblox Games

At the bottom we see a menu where we see:

  • Start: Our screen where we can add friends and see who is playing at the moment. In addition, the games that we have already played will appear.
  • Discover: This menu gives us access to all the games available on the platform. They are categorized but we can always search for one by clicking on the “Magnifying glass” option that appears in the upper right.
  • Avatar: Place where we can modify our avatar
  • Chat: Here we can chat with our friends on Roblox.
  • More: It gives us access to the store, our profile, events, news….
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Playing in Roblox is free but if you want to improve your avatar or special skills for the game, you will have to get hold of Robux. It is the virtual currency of the game.

How to get Robux:

Roblox on iPhoneRoblox on iPhone

Roblox on iPhone

To obtain Robux you can access, in the menu “More”, to «Premium» and from there, if you subscribe to Roblox you can receive every month, a handful of Robux.

Another way to buy them without having to pay the subscription Premium, is to click on the coin that appears at the top of the screen.

Get robux Get robux

Get robux

When doing so, the different prices that we must pay for different amounts of Robux.

On some web pages they explain how to get robux free, but we leave that to you to investigate.

Undoubtedly a great game that will make children and adults spend hours and hours of fun, as well as meeting people in each of the thousands of games available on the platform.

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