Requesting a refund for an in-app purchase will be possible in iOS 15

Requesting a refund for an in-app purchase will be possible in iOS 15

Finally!!!. iOS 15 will allow you to request a refund for in-app purchases we make in apps. A great advance, above all, for all those parents who have suffered this type of purchase by our children.

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And again, iOS 15 continues to provide us with interesting news that improve ios previous. This time it is a new function that will allow us to request a refund for the in-app purchases we make. This is great news for parents, who have suffered this type of payment from their children, and for people who, after hiring a service through in-app purchases, are not very satisfied with it.

Purchases within applications is something that, more and more, is present in the apps of the App Store. That is why, given the large number of requests received by those from Cupertino for the reimbursement of this type of purchases, Manzana has decided to establish the possibility of requesting their return.

If we could already request reimbursement for apps, now we can also do the purchases within the applications.

How to set up iPhone and iPad for avoid in-app purchases.

In iOS 15 we can request a refund for purchases within the apps:

With iOS 15 A new option has been added that will allow users to request these refunds from within the app itself thanks to the new API StoreKit to be implemented by all developers.

This new option will be shown through the button Request refund. By clicking on it we have to indicate what is the problem for which we request a refund of the purchase we have made.

We can also know at any time the status of the request through the website that Manzana makes available to us to report a problem with an application.

As with the application reimbursement request, once we have submitted the request, we will receive an email from Manzana in which you will inform us of the status of the return request.

Remember that if we want to request a refund, we will not be able to use any feature or option that enables that in-app purchase. If we do, chances are high that we will not get our money back.

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