Report on WhatsApp. What does it mean and what happens if you report a contact

Report on WhatsApp.  What does it mean and what happens if you report a contact

Have you ever wondered what happens when you report a user for WhatsApp? We are going to tell you about it below. Think it over before report on WhatsApp to a contact or group.

What happens when reporting on WhatsApp

What happens when reporting on WhatsApp

Surely many times we have become curious about what would happen if we report to a contact or group in WhatsApp, truth?.

The option report on WhatsApp It is a function with which we can put a stop to harassment, insults, advertisingā€¦. Everything that the platform contemplates in its conditions of service. Suspicious or illegal behavior, fraud, reasons to believe that the conditions were violated, generate any damage, risk or legal exposure for the developers of the app, users or other people. All of this is reportable.

That is why if some of our contacts are annoying, we are in groups in which conditions of service are violated, we receive messages from people we do not know and who offer products or services … we can report them.

The use of this function is completely anonymous.

What happens when we agree to report on WhatsApp, to a contact, person or group ?:

In the following video we will show you. If you are more to read, below we do it in writing:

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When we report a person the app will process the information and categorize it. Then, manually, the workers of WhatsApp They will assess the purpose and reason for the report.

If it was dealt with for use of offensive words, harassment, deception or fraudā€¦ the company will take the case and could delete the user’s account. And if we add to this that other users also report that contact, more points will be added for the account to be disabled.

So if you want to report someone first, think twice. It is very important to report the correct users and block the ones that bother us in a particular way.

What happens if you report someone by mistake:

If you report incorrectly, be aware that you may cause problems for the person being reported.

In case you report by spam erroneously, we tell you that the report cannot be undone, but you can unblock contact that you have reported in case you have.

The erroneous report will reach the security groups of WhatsApp and they will analyze the case. When seeing that there is no problem, the person reported by mistake cannot have their account suspended nor can they be sanctioned. So you would not be blocking their account or the ability of that person to use the platform, if they really did not break the rules.

How to report a contact on WhatsApp:

  • Open the chat.
  • Tap on the contact or group’s name to open their profile information.
  • Swipe to the bottom of the screen and tap Report contact or Report group.
Option to report contactOption to report contact

Option to report contact

Click on the following link if you want to know what happens when block a contact on WhatsApp.

By pressing on Ā«Report contactĀ» You will see two options that we explain below and which are VERY IMPORTANT to clarify:

  • report: The most recent chat you have had with that person is simply reported so that the security team of WhatsApp check it out. Not all the content is sent, so if you want any specific content to be reviewed, it must be recent.
  • Report and block: By doing this WE NOTICE that the chat with that person is reported as in the previous option, the contact is blocked and, also, DELETE THE CHAT with that person. This must be clear and if you accept this option and want to save the chat, first you must export WhatsApp chat to save it.

Once this is done WhatsApp will include the contact or group in a list to see if there are more user reports and see if it violates any of the terms of service.

Regarding the suspension of accounts, WhatsApp clarifies the following:

We may suspend an account if we believe that account activity violates the Terms of Service. In accordance with our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to suspend a user without notice. However, when we receive reports from our users of activity that may be a violation of our Terms of Service, we do not always suspend the account in question.

Please carefully review the “Acceptable use of our services” section of our Terms of Service to learn more about inappropriate activities and uses of WhatsApp that violate our Terms of Service.

We hope we have answered the question that at the beginning of post we made you.



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