Reduce data consumption by changing these settings on WhatsApp

Reduce data consumption by changing these settings on WhatsApp

As you have configured the self-download of files of the settings on WhatsAppThese can increase the consumption of your mobile data.

Settings on WhatsApp

Settings on WhatsApp

A long time ago WhatsApp activated the video function in Streaming. Thanks to this, it is not necessary to wait to download the video, as it was done before, to see it. Once we receive it we can visualize it without waiting, even having the iPhone locked.

It has always been commented that the video is downloaded while it is playing, but this is not entirely true. Here comes into play how we have configured the automatic download of multimedia files, in WhatsApp.

Below we explain why.

Modify these settings in WhatsApp to avoid a high consumption of mobile data:

If you have configured the self-download as follows, the videos, among other files, will trigger mobile data consumption as they will be downloaded as they are sent to you. Even if you have the iPhone blocked or you are in another app that is not WhatsApp.

Automatic file download on WhatsAppAutomatic file download on WhatsApp

Automatic file download on WhatsApp

For sample, this video:

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If we have configured the automatic download of videos with «Wifi and mobile data«, As you have seen in the video, as soon as you receive a video, it will be downloaded automatically to your iPhone.

Having configured that it only auto download with “Wifi”, mobile data will not be affected. What is affected is the storage space on your terminal. By automatically downloading a video, it will decrease the space on your iPhone. That is why if you are going very tight on storage, we recommend you disable both options and select the option “Never”.

Whether you select the option “Never” as the option “Wifi”, when a video arrives and it is not downloaded, it will appear as shown in the following image. You will be the ones who will have to give consent for it to be downloaded.

Information not downloaded videoInformation not downloaded video

Video information not downloaded

Clicking on it Play it will download while we are watching it. If we click where it indicates what it occupies, the video will be downloaded without having to be played.

We have focused on the videos, but it can be extrapolated to any file that we receive on WhatsApp.

We hope we have helped you and we hope you will stop the increase in the consumption of your data rate in case you have little contracted data.

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