Record the places you poop inside a “Poop Map”

Record the places you poop inside a "Poop Map"

We are talking about an application that, although you may not believe it, exists. An app that allows us to keep a record of the places where we poop and share it on the poop map with more users on the planet.

Poop maps app

Apps to go to the bathroom there are a few, but some that record the places where we are going to poop… there are few. Poop Map It is one of them and it helps us to record all the places we have shitted on.

A tool that is being downloaded, at the moment, in the App Store from countries like U.S Y Canada. Undoubtedly a curious application that we recommend you download to use it or simply to navigate through it. A large community of people who publish their shares is being generated where, as is said in Spain, they plant a pine tree.

Share your poop on the world poop map:

This is the application interface for iPhone:

Poop Map interface, the world poop map

Poop Map interface, the poop map of the world

In order to access the community we must register on the platform. This will allow us to access the chats that are generated in each of the defecations made by a user of this app. Most are in English, but many of them are worth reading because the laughs are guaranteed.

At least in those that we have consulted, we have not seen any type of image of the generated excrement (thank goodness), although we do not guarantee that you can find one. Of course, the best are the comments. There are some that are really funny.

By pressing the only real button available, “Drop the poop”, you will mark your location and you will be able to “conquer” your home, office, friends’ houses … or places where no one has pooped.

Expand everywhere and show your friends “all these places I’ve pooped.”

In each of the contributions to the map, we can access the profiles of each user and learn more about their life in the toilet. It will also allow us to follow them

Profile of a Poop Map user

Profile of a Poop Map user

A most curious application and, we really tell you, we have not stopped laughing while we have written the article … HAHAHAHA. If you dare to download it, we leave you below the link so you can install it on your iPhone.

Download Poop Map



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