REAL TIME crowding data in the Google Maps app

REAL TIME crowding data in the Google Maps app

Google maps It adds improvements to its interface again to combat the pandemic. Now it reports data from real-time crowding. Undoubtedly, information that will come in handy to avoid crowded places.

Data from crowding in real time, on Google Maps.

Overcrowding data in real time, on Google Maps.

Again Google adds information to your maps Google maps, to prevent us from becoming infected and to inform us about places that can potentially be sources of contagion.

In September, Google Maps released a COVID-19 layer in which we can check the seven-day average of cases per 100,000 people and if the cases are increasing and decreasing. As of today, this layer also shows the historical number of confirmed cases and deaths, with links to local resources.

But in addition, the maps will show the following information …

Real-time overcrowding in stations, buses, trains and metro:

The overcrowding data shows the state, in real time, of the transport lines so that the user knows how crowded the place is. The information is collaborative and is based on user feedback within the application. Before today, Google maps It only showed the data of the stations, but now it has been extended to buses, trains and metro.

Real time crowding

Real-time crowding

With this new information on live crowding, the app will help us to socially distance ourselves more easily. Both users of Android like ios, globally, they will start to see how full their bus, train or metro line is at the moment based on real-time feedback from Google Maps users around the world (wherever data is available).

Undoubtedly a novelty that will come to all of us even more so when Christmas is just around the corner. All information about the Covid-19 it is welcome, especially if it helps us avoid contagion.

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