RARE apps for iPhone. Did you think you had seen it all?

RARE apps for iPhone. Did you think you had seen it all?

We will tell you about 5 rare apps that we have found in the App Store lately. Unconventional applications that really attract attention. When we say that there are apps for everything … there are.

Rare apps for iOS

Rare apps for iOS

The time has come to gather the Applications most curious that we have tried in recent times. A compilation that can come in handy to have a good time or, who knows, to discover apps that can be very useful to you.

It is clear that the use that we make the world of apps does not have to be conventional. That is why we are going to classify the following apps as rare but that, may be, you can see them as super interesting. Absurd apps that can come from pearls.

Rare apps for iPhone and iPad:

Below we name each of the five selected applications. We make a brief explanation of its operation and we provide the download link for each of them.

Ghost Radar Classic [Gratis]:

App detects ghostsApp detects ghosts

App detects ghosts

This application detects paranormal activities around you. Ghost Radar it uses sensors that measure magnetic fields, vibrations and sounds to reveal what many do not believe. Are you one of those who believe in ghosts or not ?. Try the app and then tell us.

Download Ghost Radar Classic

Poop keeper [Gratis]:

Monitor your visits to the toiletMonitor your visits to the toilet

Rare apps. Monitor your visits to the toilet

Eschatological application that will help people who must control the times they go to the toilet. A toilet app Although you may not believe it, it is in great demand in the App Store.

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Download Guardian Poop

Fake Call Plus – Prank Dial [Gratis]:

Call simulation appCall simulation app

Call simulation app

Have you ever needed to escape a bad date or meeting or other strange or uncomfortable situations? This app will help you do it. Schedule a call and wait for the app to call you. In addition, you can even play pranks on your family and friends by simulating calls from important people.

Download Fake Call Plus

RunPee [Gratis]:


App to choose the best time to pee

This application exists to improve your experience of going to the cinema. A tool that tells you what are the best times to go pee during a movie. This will prevent you from missing the best scenes.

Download RunPee

Places where I’ve pooped [Gratis]:

Mark the places where you poopedMark the places where you pooped

Rare apps. Mark the places where you pooped

Possibly it is the most eschatological social network that exists. If you want to keep track of the places where you have pooped, this application will help you. In it you will be able to locate and mark the places where you have deposited your mound of excrement smiling.

Download Places where I made poop

What do you think? To us, the truth, that many of them have been quite funny.

Without further ado and hoping that you found the article interesting, we are waiting for you shortly with more apps, news, tutorials, tricks … for your devices Manzana.



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