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Quebec does Ottawa’s job with airport health customs

A sort of second customs has been erected at Montreal-Trudeau airport to ensure that travelers who disembark in Quebec are aware that they have to isolate themselves for 14 days because of the coronavirus.

This additional checkpoint was set up by the Direction de la santé publique (DSP) of Montreal in collaboration with the City due to the lack of action that had been deployed by Ottawa until Monday in the COVID file. -19.

“The information did not seem to get through [aux voyageurs] or at least did not seem to be taken seriously, “said Mylène Drouin, regional director of the DSP in Montreal.

The latter wants to ensure that each traveler understands that it is strongly recommended to isolate themselves from their loved ones for at least 14 days. Even if it means sleeping apart if he has traveled without his spouse.

After several people who returned to the country denounced the fact that no question relating to COVID-19 was asked and that no information was sent to them on the situation in Quebec, the DSP deemed it necessary to deploy teams on arrival of international and regional flights.

However, according to travelers met on Monday, customs officials were also handing over a fact sheet on COVID-19 and suggesting isolating themselves.

Back from Belgium, Samuel Fortin was preparing to go and isolate himself at his home in Val-d´Or.

Photo Ben Pelosse

Back from Belgium, Samuel Fortin was preparing to go and isolate himself at his home in Val-d´Or.

Intercept everyone

On Monday afternoon, a dozen DSP employees and the Mont-Réal police made sure to intercept each person arriving at the airport and send them a sheet explaining the recommendations.

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In addition to the isolation guidelines, travelers are asked to take their temperature twice a day and record it in the table provided.

Since fever is one of the symptoms of COVID-19, this table will allow the person to recognize one of the factors that could indicate that he is infected.

Samuel Fortin, a student in mathematics education in high school, arrived in Montreal Monday afternoon, after two months of internship in Belgium.

Satisfied with the information given to him, he was preparing to take the road to Val-d´Or in order to go and isolate himself.

Ready to isolate

“We have no choice for the good of all. I planned everything before I came back, “said Fortin.

“For us, it’s important to be able to go and isolate yourself,” said Sébastien Lefebvre, who was returning from California with his wife.

Well informed of the situation, Audrey-Maude Lambert was also preparing for a quarantine.

“I was isolated for four days before I left. There were cases [de COVID-19] at the hospital where I was doing my midwifery internship. We mustn’t take any chances, ”explained the one who did not even seem very worried.

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