Pwn2Own Tokyo Live Streaming

Today marks the beginning of the annual Pwn2Own Tokyo contest, which focuses on mobile and consumer devices. For 2020, they’re live from Toronto as the conference and the contest move into the virtual world. This year, ZDI vulnerability researchers in the Toronto office will be running the contest, with all competitors connecting remotely. In a first for the contest, they will be live streaming the entire contest on Vimeo, Twitch, and YouTube. In between the attempts, they’ll be running videos from previous Pwn2Owns, exploit demonstrations from previous contests, and interviews with the contestants and more. These are the streams throughout the day.

The links to the streams are:

Vimeo: [](

Twitch: [](

YouTube: [](

The full schedule, which will be updated live throughout the contest with results, can be found [here]( 

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