Put custom sounds in iPhone shortcuts and automations

Put custom sounds in iPhone shortcuts and automations

If you are a person who uses the app a lot Shortcuts, we are going to teach you a trick with which you can put custom sounds in any notice that you configure in your shortcuts Y automations.

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Everyone wants to configure their iPhone. This is something that, little by little, Manzana it’s getting easier. Formerly just doing Jailbreak to your device you could customize it to your liking. Today you no longer need to Jail to the iPhone, thanks to iOS 14 now the app Shortcuts we can almost completely customize our mobile.

Today we are going to teach you how to put the sound you want, to any notice that you configure in your shortcuts and automations.

How to put custom sounds in iOS shortcuts and automations:

In the following video we show you how to proceed to configure the sound you want in your automations:

It seems that it is a difficult process to carry out but it is very simple. Follow the steps to know how to apply a certain sound to your automations:

  • Download from the internet or create a sound (in app notes or Garageband) and save it in the folder “Shortcuts” of iCloud Drive, which you can find within the app Files.
  • Once saved we have to access the name plus its extension. For this we access the folder Shorcuts of iCloud Drive and hold down the sound until a menu appears in which we must click on the option “Information”.
  • We will see the name of the sound file plus its extension. We memorize it or, better yet, we copy it.
  • Now we go the app Shortcuts and within the automation to which we want to add the sound, we must add the following action «Get file».
  • When doing so, a menu will appear where we will have to deactivate «Show document selector» so that it allows us to put the location of the audio file that we want to configure.
  • Now in “File route” we paste the name + extension of the audio file.
  • Then we click on the “+” blue that appears at the bottom of the menu, we look for “Play sound” and when we find it, we press it.
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Now you can test if running that automation plays the custom sound. To do this, click on the «Play» that appears at the bottom right of the screen.

Once we have it, we select whether or not we want to request confirmation to execute the shortcut, after that, we click on “Okay”.

If it is not very clear to you, we recommend watching the video that we provide in this article. In it, everything is explained step by step.

In this way we can configure the personalized sound in the automations of our iPhone that we want.


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