Put an anti-theft alarm on your iPhone and never lose it

Put an anti-theft alarm on your iPhone and never lose it

We show you the way to put an anti-theft alarm on the iPhone, so that nobody can take it away or lose sight of it.

So you can put a burglar alarm on the iPhone

Today we are going to teach you put a burglar alarm on the iPhone. A great way that nobody can steal your iPhone, using this trick that we discussed.

It is true that normally we never lose sight of our device. But there are times when we lack some battery and we must charge our device anywhere. This means leaving the iPhone somewhat out of sight, as it is charging.

Well, to avoid this type of tension and that no one can steal our iPhone, we are going to create an alarm that will sound when we disconnect the cable.

How to set a burglar alarm on iPhone

As with any function or automation on our device, we must access Siri shortcuts. From this section we will be able to control practically everything.

In this case, we want to create an anti-theft alarm, so we open the shortcuts and go to the section <>. Once here, click on the symbol <>, and then to <>.

Once this is done, all the available options appear, where we have to scroll to the bottom and click on the one of <>.

burglar alarm on iPhone 1burglar alarm on iPhone 1

Create a new loader automation

In this section, it is important to select the option <>, because we want it to sound when it is removed from the charger. And now, we must add the first action, which will be that of <>, that we can find it by looking for it in the search engine that appears at the top.

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The file that we have to add, we will find it in iCloud Drive, which will be a sound that we download (at the end of the article we will leave absolutely everything, in a video). Therefore, we copy the path of the file we want, but previously, we uncheck the function <>. Once copied, click on the symbol <> again, to add the next and last function. This will be the one to add <>.

burglar alarm on iPhone 2alarm anti-theft on iPhone 2

Add sound and function for it

We will already have our burglar alarm created with the sound we want. Now we give <> and then we uncheck the option <> and then we give <>.

In this way, which apparently seems complicated, we can create our burglar alarm. Also, to make it easier for you, we are going to leave you a video in which we explain everything.

Video in which we explain the whole process step by step

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