PS Now vs External Hard Drive: Which One is Best for You?

PS Now vs External Hard Drive: Which One is Best for You?

If you have a PS4 and like to download games, chances are you know the trouble of uninstalling and reinstalling games to better manage your 500 GB storage. There are two solutions to this problem: PS Now and disk external hard. The question is, which one is right for you?

Let’s see what you can do and which is best for your storage space issues.

PS Now vs External hard drive

If you’re running out of space, you can do one of two things: get a PS Now subscription or buy an external hard drive. PS Now lets you stream games without downloading them, while an external hard drive expands the amount of space you have.

While both are ideal, it is not realistic for someone who is underfunded. As such, let’s break down where each one shines so you can better decide which one is right for you.

Cost: PS now short term, long term external hard drive

In terms of cost, the problem gets a little more complicated. PS Now costs $ 9.99 per month with a 30-day free trial, while a 1TB hard drive goes for about $ 50 on Amazon.

Ps Now Hdd Drive

PS Now is cheaper in the short term, but after using your one month trial and staying subscribed for five more, you paid the same amount as the hard drive.

As such, while a hard drive has a higher update cost, it will last you a few years and overall be a better investment than PS Now.

External hard drive ideal for existing libraries

If you are filling your PS4 with games that you have already purchased, an external hard drive is your best choice. PS Now lets you stream games, but not all games are on the service. As such, you can subscribe to play your favorite games on PS Now only to find that they are not there.

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However, an external hard drive is compatible with all PS4 games. As such, you can load one with all of your games without having to juggle them.

But PS is now the best for explorers

However, if your PS4 is running out of space because you like exploring new games, PS Now may be the best option. When you subscribe, you unlock the entire PS Now catalog at no additional cost after the subscription fee.

Ps Now Hdd StreamPs Now Hdd Stream

As such, if you enjoy exploring the games that the PS4 has to offer, PS Now will give you a smorgasbord to sample, unlike an external hard drive, which doesn’t come with additional games.

Bad Internet? Go with the hard drive

PS Now is great, but it depends on your sufficient internet connection to stream the games. If your internet connection is often down, you’ll find PS Now to be a frustrating experience. Even if your internet is only roughly, PS Now can coerce you if it’s not good enough.

What is best for you?

If your storage problems are due to your love of games, a PS Now subscription is the best option for you, especially if you like to play games from different regions. Not only do you have a whole new collection of games to play, but they can all be streamed without taking up space on your PS4.

However, if you have a bad internet connection or if you already have a library of games you want to play, an external hard drive is a good idea. A terabyte hard drive isn’t expensive these days, so it’s a cheap upgrade to give you more leeway.

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