Productivity in its purest form

Productivity in its purest form

If there is something for which iOS 15 stands out, over other operating system updates iosIt is because of its involvement in the productivity of the people.

Focus on iOS 15

You can see that we are in a time when teleworking predominates and the fact of receiving the least distractions at that time is very important for Manzana and any businessman. That is why iOS 15 it is one more step to improve our productivity.

That is why the company of Cupertino has created Focus, an application that allows the user to focus on a task while preventing the iPhone annoys you with any notice that does not fall under that task. This mode can be activated for do not disturb, for work, for personal reasons or because it is time to sleep.

The “Do Not Disturb” feature is called “Focus” in iOS 15:

Previously in ios previous, we had the “Do Not Disturb” mode that we activated so as not to receive any notification that would distract us from our duty, or movies or dreams, or whatever we were doing. Now instead we have Focus. In it we can choose who can “bother” us.

Focus menu in iOS 15

Focus menu in iOS 15

How can you see in the image above Focus It is divided into several sections: work, personal, do not disturb and rest. It is a marvel of application, you decide what you need at each moment, who you allow to bother you and which application has your permission to be able to be in each moment of your life.

I in the Work modeFor example, I have only productivity apps and only people at work, my close family and my daughters’ school can “bother” me. No entertainment App or anything can do it. In personal mode, for example, I have “blocked” productive applications and anything that reminds me of work….

Something that is extremely cool is that Focus You can customize it and it can be activated “only” when the mobile recognizes that you are in a certain place.

I thought that this function, because of my way of being, I would hardly ever use it, beyond the test, but it is not like that. It is much more useful to me than it seemed at first … The truth is that I am taking advantage of it.

When you try it, you will tell me whether or not it is useful.


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