Product that has been replaced? What does that Apple information mean?

Have you ever consulted information about your AirPods, iPhone, iPad… And it has appeared to you “Sorry, this serial number is from a product that has been replaced”? We tell you the reason for this information.

What to do if the serial number is of a product that has been replaced

What to do if the serial number is of a product that has been replaced

After receiving many queries on the subject, especially in our article to check if the Airpods are original, we are going to tell you what it means. We have contacted Manzana and they have told us.

Many people enter the post that we have mentioned and when putting your serial number, to check if your Airpods are from Manzana or not, that phrase appears that today we are going to deal with

The serial number is for a product that has been replaced:

When this message appears it is because at some point those AirPods, iPhone, iPad, Manzana Watch… were replaced in a store. Let’s base ourselves on some Airpods to give an example of the topic, but it can happen with any device of Manzana. My AirPods they were damaged and I went to the store since they were under warranty. Manzana it replaces them with new ones but with a different serial number.

Product that has been replacedProduct that has been replaced

Product that has been replaced

The warranty only applies to the original serial number. If you have purchased the headphones from someone else, you will need to ask them if they were replaced or purchased from a third-party store.

That is why the serial number is not active given the replacement. For this reason, the seller must be consulted if he has the serial number of the AirPods original and which have already been replaced.

Now if the seller tells us that he bought them new and they were never replaced, it may be an error directly from the store and they would have to go to the place of purchase. The invoice is necessary to validate any type of guarantee. It is not necessary that you have the original serial number but you do have the invoice.

What to do if your device is a product that has been replaced:

That is why if you buy a product from Manzana Before purchasing it, check the serial number of a person and if the information appears that the serial number is of a product that has been replaced, tell the seller to provide you with the serial number of the original product, which the purchase invoice was replaced or, failing that.

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