PRIVACY in iOS 14 gets big improvements

PRIVACY in iOS 14 gets big improvements

The privacy in iOS 14 has been one of the beneficiaries with the arrival of the new operating system of Manzana. We are still digesting all the news that the new will bring us iOS but few have emphasized one of the great improvements that we are going to be able to enjoy. More control over the data we share with apps.

Privacy in iOS 14

Privacy on iOS 14

Privacy is a fundamental human right and the core of everything you do Manzana. That is why with iOS 14They give us more control over the data we share and more transparency about how it is used.

For us, apart from the visual improvements, new functions, etc … that we all liked a lot, the privacy improvements have been one of the novelties that most caught our attention. They have been greatly improved and now we will have much more information about it. We will tell you everything below.

More privacy control in iOS 14:

Starting this fall, when the version is available iOS for all users of iPhone, we will see improved all the information about our privacy.

If you have often thought about what an app will do with the information you share in it, that an app watches you, that activates the microphone when you do not use it, that activates the camera without permission … we will know all that now. These are the great improvements that come in privacy:

Privacy information on the App Store:

Privacy information in the App StorePrivacy information in the App Store

Privacy information on the App Store

Now we can obtain information in the App Store, to help us understand the privacy practices of each application before downloading and installing them on our devices.

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Recording indicator:

Orange warning light indicating that they are recordingOrange warning light indicating that they are recording

Orange warning light indicating that they are recording

An orange indicator appears at the top of the screen each time an app activates and uses the microphone or camera. And in the Control Center, we can see which applications have recently used them.

Update to sign in with Apple:

Login improvementsLogin improvements

Login improvements

Now we can easily switch to Login with Manzana, when you log into the applications. We will keep the account that we already use, but we will have one less password. It will be much easier to log in.

Approximate location. Great privacy improvement in iOS 14:

Approximate location, a great privacy improvement in iOS 14Approximate location, a great privacy improvement in iOS 14

Approximate location, a big privacy improvement in iOS 14

In iOS 14 we will be able to share our approximate location instead of its exact location. This is perfect for apps like local news or weather. Another of the big news and improvements in terms of privacy.

Without further ado, we hope you found today’s article interesting and that you share it on your favorite social networks and messaging apps.



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