Prevent someone from turning off the iPhone. Required function in iOS

Prevent someone from turning off the iPhone. Required function in iOS

If you are one of the people you want prevent someone from turning off the iPhone, like us, we are going to talk about a basic function that all the devices of Manzana.

How to prevent someone from turning off iPhone

How to prevent someone from turning off the iPhone (dummy option)

We hope you share this as much as you can so that it reaches Manzana and implement a small option that can come to us all from pearls. It would surely be one of the iOS functions most activated by all users of iOS.

Surely many times you have wondered why the impossibility of configuring our iPhone, to prevent someone from turning it off. This is very recurrent especially when we think that it can be stolen or we can lose it. It would be very useful if our device were turned on to be able to search for it with the app “Search for” and go get it back.

But unfortunately that option is not available and, whether we lose it or it is stolen from us, anyone who has the iPhone You can turn it off and, thus, it would make us lose track of it and impossible to recover it.

How to prevent someone from turning off the iPhone:

iOS you should add an option in your Adjustments, that could give the option to turn off the device verifying that we are its owners. This would be possible by requesting verification by Face ID, Touch ID or password, as soon as we press the option to turn off. He iPhone it would verify our identity and shut down.

Face ID

In case of not being able to verify it, the device would not turn off and, in this way, the shutdown would be prevented and we would be guaranteed to be able to track its position in order to recover it.

In these cases, we recommend reporting the police beforehand and that they are the ones who will recover it in order to avoid possible conflicts.

Why does Apple not implement this option?

From what we have been able to read they have not applied it because every device must guarantee a shutdown. That is why those from Cupertino have not yet applied it.

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But we think there are quite a few ways to solve the issue. An emergency shutdown could be guaranteed, without verification, in which the geolocation can be left activated so that, in the event of theft or loss, it can be tracked.

Hopefully this comes to Manzana and allows us to enjoy that function that, for sure, we are all waiting for.

What do you think about it?


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