Powerful Rootless Bloatware Remover for Samsung Phone

Powerful Rootless Bloatware Remover for Samsung Phone

This small but powerful app lets you disable unwanted apps easily with no root required. You can save RAM usage and optimize Android performance. This app has a unique way to deactivate Android app package without deleting it. Thus, it will not damage your Android system and does not require root access. Moreover, not only which system apps you can disable, you can also free up any third-party app without uninstalling it. This special Samsung app is Package deactivator. See where to download and how to use it below:

  • Download and install Package deactivator from Playstore.
  • Open the app and wait for all the app lists to load.
  • To disable your unwanted app, just tap on the checkbox and then it will disable it immediately. Refer to the name of the app in pink color, it means the app is safely disabled. Or you can also refer to samsung bloatware list.
  • You can now compare the RAM usage before and after disabling the unwanted application. This should increase the RAM space to make your Android run more smoothly.

For security reasons, you can add a password to the package deactivation app to prevent someone from playing with this app. And also please note if you want update android system, restore disabled apps and re-enable them. Export the disabled app to “disabledapp.xml” and put it somewhere in your phone memory -> re-enable it and update. After the update is complete, you can import “disabledapp.xml”, it will automatically disable all the list of disabled apps at once.

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