Post-it widget for the iPhone screen. Show your notes with this app

Post-it widget for the iPhone screen.  Show your notes with this app

If you are looking for an app that gives you a Post-it widget to your screen iPhone, you are in the right place. We are talking about an application that will allow you to show standard notes Post-it on your device.

Post-it widget for iPhone

Post-it widget for iPhone

It is clear that with the arrival of the Widgets for iOS, there are many applications that allow us to add notes to the screen of our mobiles. We have tried a great variety of them and this is one of the ones that we liked the most.

And we tell you this because it is free, simple to use, configurable and very attractive. It allows us to display our note in three formats and, in a few taps, we can leave it configured. That’s one of the main features… it’s very quick to set up.

Sticky Widgets, the app that brings the Post-it Widget to iPhone:

In fact it is one of the apps that we have recommended, for the month of October 2020, in our channel Youtube. In it, from minute 5:30, you can see how it is:

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It is a very simple application to use. To add a Post-it we have to access the Widgets and select the app Sticky Widgets.

Add the Post-it Widget of the size you wantAdd the Post-it Widget of the size you want

Add the Post-it Widget of the size you want

We can add all Post-it of notes that we want and in each of the 3 formats that the application allows us.

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To write the note we simply have to click on it and write the text we want. After that we click on «Save» and we will immediately have it available on our screen.

To change the text format, font size, note color … we have to press and hold on the note until a menu appears. In it, we must click on “Edit Widget” so that we can configure it to our liking.

Edit the Widget as you wishEdit the Widget as you wish

Edit the Widget as you wish

If you want to enjoy the application with all its functions, you must make an in-app purchase for it. Will cost 2,29 €.

Without further ado and hoping that you have been interested in this application, we leave you the download link so that you can install it and enjoy it on your iOS devices.

Download Sticky Widgets



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