Poparazzi, this is how this exclusive antiselfies app for iPhone works

Poparazzi, this is how this exclusive antiselfies app for iPhone works

Poparazzi has broken into the App Store of half a planet with great force. We tell you what this new is about app antiselfies that can only be used, at the moment, in iPhone.

Poparazzi Antiselfies App

If you are sick of seeing in social media the typical selfies that everyone takes to show themselves to the world and so that they can see how fabulous and fabulous they are, an application has just arrived at the App Store that you will surely like it.

In it, we will not have any control of the photos that are published on our profile, unless we speak with one of our contacts so that they can put a photograph that we ask them to put. It is our contacts who will be in charge of putting the photos in our Timeline.

Poparazzi, the EXCLUSIVE antiselfies app for iPhone and iPad:

The application is simple to use. You register on the platform, create your profile and all the contacts they use Poparazzi They will be able to publish photos of you, which they have on their devices. This is good because that way you can have access to many photos that you would never access if this social network did not exist.

Poparazzi screenshots

Poparazzi screenshots

Obviously you will have the option to delete photos that you do not want other people to see. Imagine that some funny friend publishes a photograph in which you punish us very gracefully or in moments that… well you know… hahahaha.

The application itself will notify you when a friend takes a photo of you. This is good since you will be aware of the right moment of publication of the image and to go to see it quickly to delete it in case you do not like it.

Not all users can post photos on your Poparazzi profile:

Only the users you follow can post them directly to your profile. All photos posted by users you don’t follow must go through an approval process before appearing on your profile. This is fine, so choose well which people to follow.

What happens if we block someone on Poparazzi ?:

If you block a user, they will not be able to take photos or upload any photos of you. If you block someone in Poparazzi, he will no longer be able to communicate with you through the app. They won’t see the photos you appear in and you won’t see the photos they appear in.

Undoubtedly a very interesting social network and that is one of the world’s most downloaded apps, in these dates.

In the video that we link below we talk about Poparazzi.

If you dare to use it, then we leave you the download link.

Download Poparazzi



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