Podcast subscriptions are now available in the native iOS app

Podcast subscriptions are now available in the native iOS app

The new Podcast subscriptions you announced Manzana in spring they are already enabled in the native Podcasts app for all operating systems.

Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

In the event that took place a few months ago, Manzana presented, among others, new subscription services. Among them was the new Apple Podcasts Subscriptions that would allow to subscribe by means of a payment to some of the Podcasts.

This new service is not a «apple service«. Rather, it is a possibility that Apple offers to the creators of Podcasts, giving them the option of establishing a subscription for some of the content that they create.

Apple Podcasts Subscriptions should have launched in May

It was announced that it would arrive in May of this year, but it was delayed for various reasons. But, now at last, this new service or possibility that gives Manzana to content creators is now available in the native Podcasts App for all operating systems.

As we have already mentioned, the operation will be quite simple. The creators of Podcasts They will be able to choose that all or some of their content are paid by implementing a subscription model to it.

apple podcasts subscriptions 1

The new service

Thus, in order to listen to them, users would have to pay the price established by the creator of the Podcast for it. And, of the price established by the users, Manzana a commission will be taken for offering the service.

Of course, and it is something very important. This does not imply that the app Podcasts or that all Podcasts that we are going to find in it are paid. In fact it does not even imply that all Podcasts from the same creator or company will be paid using this new subscription model.

What do you think of the arrival of this new service Manzana? Are you thinking of subscribing to any Podcasts in case the creators of the same activate the subscription option?


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