Plague Inc. is updated and now we can save the world

Plague Inc. is updated and now we can save the world

The Plague Inc game. It has been updated and now gives us the possibility to save the world by curing the diseases that plague it.

New update of Plague Inc. with which to save the world

We are sure that many of you know the game Plague Inc. It is focused on spreading a disease around the world to end it. Something that, unfortunately, has been left out of fiction due to the pandemic of Coronavirus.

When the pandemic started, this game became relevant. Not only that, but it was also criticized for its subject matter and even was removed from the App Store in China. Due to this and the pandemic, the creators They announced that an update was coming with which we could save the world. And this update has already arrived.

In Plague Inc.’s Cure mode we will have to establish measures to save the world from the pandemic

As we say, the update is based on saving the world from diseases and, therefore, the game gives us the tools to do it. To start playing this game mode we will have to choose on the home screen “Cure mode” and then choose a pandemic type and difficulty level.

plague inc cure 3

The new elements of the game

When we start the game we will see that all the controls have changed. Now we have a control tab. And in it we can see the information of the disease, but instead of being able to make it evolve, we will have tools to combat it.

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These tools are from Quarantine, Reply Y Operation, each with its own characteristics. And all of them will help us to combat to a greater or lesser extent, some in a better way than others, the pandemic that is devastating the world.

plague inc cure 2

To contain the outbreaks we will have to maintain our Authority

This update has been designed in conjunction with health experts from around the world, and is supported by the who and the CEPI. If you haven’t downloaded the game yet, maybe now is the time to do so. We recommend it.

Download the game Plague Inc. and save or infect the world

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