Photoshop Camera, the Adobe filter app for iPhone

Photoshop Camera, the Adobe filter app for iPhone

Photoshop Camera it is the last one app of Abobe for iPhone and iPad with which we can apply filters when we take a photo.

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New Adobe app for iPhone

Cameras are probably one of the most used elements of our iPhone. We constantly take photos and record videos and many people edit them and add filters. And today we are going to talk about a new one app of Adobe that allows you to take photos with built-in filters.

The app is called Photoshop Camera and through filters or lenses, it allows us to take fun and interesting photos. These lenses They are somewhat similar to Instagram face filters, but there are some that are much more advanced and striking.

Photoshop Camera lenses are similar to filters for Instagram Stories

Taking photos with these lenses is as simple as choosing the one you want to use. When we have it selected, the filter that corresponds to the lens will appear and we will only have to take the photo. Keep in mind that the lenses have more than one filter, which we can see if we slide left or right.

Photoshop Camera app iphone 4Photoshop Camera app iphone 4

One of the filters on a lens

Not only can we use the filters that are installed as standard, but the app gives us the option to download more. For this we have to press the icon of the world ball, select the filter we want, and click Add Lens.

In addition, from this same section we can manage the lenses that we have downloaded, being able to change their order and eliminate them. And not only that, but we can also access the website of Adobe that allows to create lenses for the application.

Photoshop Camera app iphone 3Photoshop Camera app iphone 3

Download more lenses

This app of Adobe It can be downloaded completely free of charge and no purchase is necessary to fully use it. If you like taking photos with filters, we recommend you download it as we are sure you will like it.

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Download this camera app and take fun and different photos

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