Photos in iOS 15 tells us from which apps we save images

Photos in iOS 15 tells us from which apps we save images

We present you another interesting novelty that has not gone unnoticed in the app iOS 15 photos. To many users, as personally to me, this information is going to be great for us.

What’s new in the Photos app on iOS 15

A few days ago we named the Photos app in iOS 15 shows us the EXIF ​​data of the photos. Clicking on the new button “Information” It shows us the location where the photo was taken and much more information.

Also, the new function of visual search, gives us the possibility of knowing more about any object, place, person … that appears in the image. A kind of Google Lens improved that it will come from pearls to fully squeeze everything that appears in the snapshots.

But, in addition to everything named, add more information about the images that we have on the reel:

Photos from iOS 15 tells us from which apps the saved images were obtained:

Now the button Information It will also tell us from which application of our device, we save an image if we do not take it with our camera. For example, in the following image we can see that the image of the HomePod was saved through Safari.

Photo saved from Safari

Photo saved from Safari (Image:

These metadata make if you touch the location «Saved from» (Saved with), the app will filter the photos in your library that come from that location, as you can see in the image on the right.

This is very interesting since the app Photos in iOS 15 It will automatically organize the photos which allows us, for example, to find all the images that we have saved from WhatsApp messages or conversation threads, without having to enter the apps themselves.

A new novelty that adds all those that we have already mentioned on the web and in the article of hidden novelties of iOS 15.



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