Phones that use the Instagram accounts with the most followers [2020]

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If you have ever wondered which mobile phone the Instagram users with the most followersToday we are going to give you all the information about it.

Phones used by Instagram users with the most followers

To be at the top of the ranking with more followers of Instagram, apart from earning it with your work and being a influencerYou must have a good mobile to be able to share photos and videos of your day to day. Do you know which mobile he uses, for example, Ariadna Grande? You will find out below.

We have located the TOP 10 accounts of Instagram with more followers this year but we had to eliminate the TOP 1 for being the official Instagram account that is not a natural person. We are only going to mention flesh and blood user accounts.

The mobile used by Instagram accounts with the most followers [TOP 9]:

Below you can see what the ranking of the users of this social network, with the most followers.

TOP Instagramers 2020TOP Instagramers 2020

TOP Instagramers 2020

To avoid showing images that we do not have permission to share, we leave you the link of some of the publications in which they show their mobile.

1- Cristano Ronaldo [246 millones]:

We have reviewed all your content and we have not been able to see the mobile you use. But he does show it on his Twitter account where he tweets from an iPhone, as you can see below. If this is so, you already know that many of the videos and photos that he shares on his Instagram account are captured with that mobile.

Cristiano's Tweet posted from iPhone

Cristiano’s Tweet posted from iPhone

2- Ariadna Grande [210 millones]:

In the following publication he shows two images in which we can see that he uses iPhone: Ariadna Grande with iPhone.

3- Dwayne Johnson [206 millones]:

The actor better known as «La Roca» does not show his mobile phone on Instagram, but on Twitter where we can see that he publishes from a iPhone. What we can see in the following publication is that Dwayne Johnson is a lover of Apple devices. This reveals that he uses iPhone to post on Instagram.

4- Kylie Jeneer [203 millones]:

Another of the most followed accounts on Instagram and that shows that he uses iPhone, how we can see in the next post.

5- Selena Gomez [196 millones]:

It has been very difficult for us to find an image that reveals the mobile that he uses but in the following photograph we can see that Selena Gomez uses iPhone.

6- Kim Kardashian [193 millones]:

Another celebrity that iPhone uses to share photos and videos on this social network. There are many publications in which we can see it with the mobile of Manzana but we show you this so you can see the Kardashian with an iPhone.

7- Lionel Messi [171 millones]:

It is the only one in this ranking that we have not been able to see with the mobile. We honestly do not know which smartphone you use and we are going to be left with the unknown. If anyone knows what phone they use, leave it in the comments with the photo that proves it.

8- Beyonce [157 millones]:

Like Cristiano Ronaldo do not lavish on Instagram with your mobile, but Twitter if that reveals that he uses iPhone. In the following image you can see it.

Beyonce Tweet from iPhoneTweet from Beyonce from iPhone

Beyonce Tweet from iPhone

9- Justin Bieber [153 millones]

We can see very little of the famous American singer showing his mobile in his photos and videos, but we have viewed his entire account and we have found this image in which he already sees some friends Justin Bieber with iPhone.

Without further ado and hoping that you found this article interesting and curious, we are waiting for you shortly with more news, tutorials, apps, tricks … to make the most of your devices Manzana.


The data of followers of each account is taken as of December 16, 2020.


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