Pay half the price for the Jitterbug Smart2 smartphone for seniors

Pay half the price for the Jitterbug Smart2 smartphone for seniors

Technology is not always easy for the elderly. If this describes a loved one or maybe even you, you might want to gift them a smartphone designed for someone their age. A good choice is the Jitterbug Smart2 smartphone for the elderly. It has all the features a senior would want in a simpler format.

The smartphone has a large touchscreen that will make it even easier to read. The home screen features a simple menu organized into a single list with large letters and icons for easy guessing-free navigation.

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This Jitterbug Smart2 Smartphone for Seniors works with the GreatCall service. You can activate it by phone or on the GreatCall website. Some of the easy to use features are exclusive to the GreatCall service. There are no contract or cancellation fees while having national coverage. Flexible plans start as low as $ 17.48 per month.

It also includes exclusive health and safety features that allow you to turn it into a personal safety device. It’s okay if your fingers don’t perform as well as they did before, as you can use voice typing to send text messages instead of having to type on the small keyboard. You can summon a Lyft from the rideshare service just by pressing 0.

If you or your loved one gets stuck and can’t remember how to use a particular feature, GreatCall’s Learning Center offers how-to maps and videos.

Save $ 75 off the price of the phone and pay half the price, just $ 74.99.

Jitterbug Smart2 smartphone for the elderly

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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