Organize your chores with this task and habits app

Organize your chores with this task and habits app

With the homework app Tappsk you can keep up to date with all your tasks and habits in a single application to iPhone and iPad.

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Useful task and habits app

For all of us who are a little forgetful, the task and habit apps come as pearls. They allow us to manage, record and remember everything we have to do and create reminders to remind us of them. And today we are talking about one of those iPhone apps.

The application is called Tappsk And it is quite complete, since in addition to being a task app, it also allows us to manage and organize habits, as well as recurring events that take place continuously in our lives.

In this task app we can add both tasks and habits and recurring tasks and events:

The truth is that the app is really simple and very intuitive to use. As soon as we open it we will see the different options we have to add the elements to our task list. Pressing on “+”, we can add both habits and recurring tasks and events.

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How to add recurring tasks, habits and events

And the way to add them will be different. Thus, if we want to add a task, we can write a title for it, as well as add subtasks, add the task to different lists and create reminders. If we choose to add a habit we can choose some that the app have defaults or create ours, by selecting replays and reminders. And the same thing happens if we add recurring events to the app.

And, how could it be otherwise, the app has a widget for the notification center. In this way, we will be able to see all the elements that we want in a simple way from there. Hopefully, soon, the app expand to Manzana Watch.

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Different options to add recurring events

Tappsk you can download both in our iPhone like in our iPad completely free of charge. But to access all its functions it is necessary to purchase the version Pro by single purchase or subscription. In any case, we recommend it as it is very complete.

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Download this habits and tasks application

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