Opinions on udemy.com?

Has anyone here used [udemy.com](https://udemy.com) for their ethical hacking course? I’m a sophomore in high school and know a decent amount about programming, but not so much about hacking. For the career I want to get into, I need to have a degree that could be beneficial as well as 2 years of experience in a job that uses that degree. I saw this ad for [udemy.com](https://udemy.com) that said it was an 11 hour course that taught the “ins and outs” of hacking. I know that you can’t become a hacker in 11 hours, but I’m new to the art and want to know what experiences people have had with the site. Should I go for it, or could I better spend my time in other places? Thanks!

^(I know, asking about shady sites on a hacking subreddit… what could go wrong?)

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