Opinion on the Notch and its presence on the iPhone

Opinion on the Notch and its presence on the iPhone

They say that the iPhone 12s or 13 will reduce the Notch, or eyebrow. It seems that Manzana He has managed to combine elements and put the speaker glued to the frame and not in the center of it. This is what would make the dimension somewhat smaller.

Smaller notch on the iPhone 12S or iPhone 13

To me the Notch I don’t mind how it is, what’s more, I like it. Lots of people are complaining that by now Apple phones have a notch and not a hole in the screen (punch hole), as they have the vast majority of the devices of the competition.

Excuse me, but if you see a mobile from the front, and you see a notch you know it is an iPhone. That is an important thing to keep in mind. It is a distinctive feature of the phones on the block.

I like the Notch:

People who know me know that I am a faithful advocate for notch. I admire the technology inside it. The FaceID of iPhone it’s the only one that really works. It maps your face and does not make, like other mobiles, a photo of it with its derivative failures in security and operation.

Your presence doesn’t bother me. It has never done so since its implementation in the iPhone X.n It is a sign of identity that Manzana has created. Like when people complained about the very large edges of the Iphone 6 from now on … Yes, it is true that they were huge, but you see any of those devices and you know that it is an iPhone for details like that. That Manzana he knows.

The notch, unless those of Cupertino give in to the pressures of a certain audience, something that has never done, I don’t think it will go away. It will be able to be made smaller, how they say it will happen in the next iPhone, but they are not going to eliminate it as people want. It is his “brand” and that is why he is there.

The vast majority of people are bothered by Notch to view movies, or videos, in full screen. They say that things from the scene are lost … it may be on some strange occasion, but usually it is not like that. The scenes are centered. The notch is centered. There is also the option of watching videos in full screen without the image invading the space reserved for “the eyebrow.”

I repeat, I am not bothered by his presence.

Do you like the notch or are you one of those who prefer another system? If so … which one?


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