Opinion on Magsafe Duo with iPhone 11 PRO and Apple Watch Series 5

Opinion on Magsafe Duo with iPhone 11 PRO and Apple Watch Series 5

Since this Christmas we have a new device in the team. This is the wireless charger Apple Magsafe Duo, a new charging base that we have loved for various reasons that we will discuss below.

Apple Magsafe Duo Wireless Charger

How wise are the Magi. They have brought us the Magsafe double charger so that we can charge our devices Manzana wireless. In my case they are a iPhone 11 PRO and a Apple Watch Series 5.

At first I thought that they were not compatible devices since I thought it was a charger that could only be used from the new iPhone 12, but I was wrong. He Magsafe Duo is compatible with iPhone X onwards and with all Apple watch as well we expose in the last image that we contribute in this article. Of course, it is not as functional as with the iPhone 12, but hey, it’s a “against” that we will tell you later.

Magsafe Duo with iPhone 11 PRO and Apple Watch series 5:

iPhone 11 PRO and Apple Watch Series 5 charging

iPhone 11 PRO and Apple Watch Series 5 charging

The first thing we have to say is that, as we already indicated in one of our articles on the Magsafe Duo, if you don’t have a power adapter USB-C You will have to buy one. We buy this USB-C adapter.

PROS of the Magsafe Duo:

Next we are going to name all the good things about this new wireless charger:

  • The power to remove the charger from our bedside table Apple watch and the charging cable is our iPhone 11 PRO, makes everything much more collected. In addition, being able to fold it makes the table much clearer and has an appearance of order, something that with the cables was not the same.
  • Load the iPhone and Apple watch simultaneously on the same platform is the best. Personally, I charge the devices at night and it works for me since, being able to recline the Apple watch, makes it possible to use it as an alarm clock as you can see in the following image.
Apple Watch as alarm clock

Apple Watch as an alarm clock

  • The charging time of the devices is good. It is not as effective as it could be with the new ones iPhone 12 but it loads pretty fast. Our iPhone 11 PRO takes time to load, 49% to the 100% in about 130 minutes. He Apple watch of a 10% to the 100% it usually takes about 80 minutes.
  • It is a very comfortable charging base to transport. We can fold it up and carry it in any compartment of a backpack or suitcase.
Magsafe Duo foldedMagsafe Duo folded

Magsafe Duo folded

Cons of this Apple Dual Charger:

We have only found two cons:

  • Having to buy a power adapter USB-C, a type of accessory that many users do not have.
  • Not being able to enjoy it at full capacity as with a iPhone 12 or higher. Not magnetizing much means that, for optimal charging, you have to put the iPhone as centered as possible. If you don’t, it loads quite slowly. Our iPhone 11 PROWhen placed on the charging base, it magnetizes very little. We remember that iPhone 12 and higher, they stay completely glued which guarantees a 100% effective load. This is something we miss, but it is “understood” that it only works with the new devices on the block.

These PROS and CONS can be extended to all iPhone prior to iPhone 11. Without a doubt, a very good device that we recommend buying, even if you don’t have an iPhone 12 or higher.

Devices compatible with the Magsafe dual charger:

Here are the devices compatible with this accessory Manzana:

Devices compatible with Apple Magsafe Duo

Apple Magsafe Duo Compatible Devices

Without further ado and hoping to have helped you with this opinion, we will send you soon with more news, tutorials, tricks, apps, opinions … so that you get the most out of your iPhone, iPad, Manzana Watch, Airpods….



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