Opinion of iOS 14 after 24 hours of continuous use

Opinion of iOS 14 after 24 hours of continuous use

After 24 hours of use, we will tell you about our ios 14 review. We have tampered with the new operating system of iPhone thoroughly and we will tell you what we found.

Our opinion of iOS 14

Our opinion of iOS 14

We have been more than a day with the future iOS 14, which we can all enjoy from autumn, and we have to say that we loved it. Novelties have arrived that were necessary and that give a turn, especially to the home screen, and to the treatment of the Privacy in the system.

Before continuing with the opinion, we have to say that we do not recommend installing the IOS 14 beta right now. If you have a 2nd phone and want to mess with it, install it, but in a iPhone staff that you use daily, we do not recommend it. The Beta It works very well, but it has small flaws that can make your experience with mobile use somewhat affected.

If you want to experiment with your iPhone main, we recommend waiting for the Public beta which will be out in the next week.

IOS 14 opinion:

We have to say that we have installed it in a iPhone 7 and it works like pearls. Little motivated lagueos, we think, for being a Beta which is debugging its operation, but in terms of performance and battery life we ​​did not think it would be so good.

As for the highlights, say the following:

Widgets on the home screen:

Widgets on home screenWidgets on home screen

Home screen widgets

Everything a success. They make, at a glance, we can see information that interests us without having to get into native apps.

Being able to put shortcuts on the screen of the apps is wonderful. We will have at the touch of a finger access to actions, functions, settings, websites … everything we want. It will give a lot of game the shortcuts theme in the new Widgets.

It is very simple to add the Widgets. Long press on any app or part of the home screen, and select Edit home screen, a “+” will appear at the top of it from which we can add the widgets in different formats.

There’s also one, called a smart stack, that brings many Widgets together into one. If we add it, we must move the finger from bottom to top, or vice versa, to go from one to the other.

Widget selection and configurationWidget selection and configuration

Widget selection and configuration

At the moment it only works with native apps and services of iOS. We hope that over time they will also allow Widgets from third-party apps.

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Another thing to note is that Widgets they can be placed only in the upper half of the screen. The bottom part must be left for applications or to be left empty. We believe that it is a way of guaranteeing the power to turn the page on the home screen, since in the area of Widgets Going from one screen to another does not always work.

Apps Library:

iOS 14 Apps LibraryiOS 14 Apps Library

IOS 14 App Library

Another novelty that we have loved. It allows us to delete, rather than delete, from the home screen applications that we use but do little of. This makes the interface of the screen, in which we have our applications, is cleaner. We will have, in it, the apps that we use the most and when we want to access some that we use little, we will do it from the library of apps that appear by sliding to the left, the last page of the home screen.

Then we leave you a video with the sample of the comments:

In the application library you can see the apps by categories or alphabetically.

Privacy improvements in iOS 14:

It is one of the improvements that we highlight, including knowing when an application is using the camera or the microphone. When this happens, an orange or green indicator will appear at the top of the screen. Depending on the color of the dot we will know if it uses one thing or another. Orange indicates you are using the microphone, green indicates the camera and microphone.

Microphone use witnessMicrophone use witness

Microphone use indicator

We have also seen that now it is not necessary to give applications full access to our photos. We can choose the photographs that can be accessed. As you can see, a new function appears in the privacy of photos that allows us to choose «Selected photos» with the app in question.

iOS 14 privacy enhancementsiOS 14 privacy enhancements

IOS 14 privacy improvements

This means that we can choose only the photos to which we want that app to have access. The use, at first, is a bit messy but one gets used to it over time. What we do now, more than before, is share them from the reel with the app in which we want to upload it. This means that we do not allow the application to access the photos of our reel. Truly a success.

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The topic of accessing information about the treatment of our data by apps, which will appear in the App Store, is not available at the moment. We can enjoy it in an update that will come at the end of the year as explained in the iOS 14 fine print.

New functions:

As for the small new functions we have to highlight a few.

  • Calls: We applaud this small but, at the same time, great improvement. Now when we are using the mobile and they call you, the call does not appear in full screen, it appears as if it were a notification strip at the top of the screen. It is to be thankful.
  • Touch Back: We have not been able to enjoy this function since it is not available on iPhone 7, but it is an action that is configured in Settings / Accessibility / Touch / Touch Back. This feature allows you to configure an action by tapping 2 or 3 taps on the back of the phone. We can, for example, by tapping twice on the back take a screenshot in a very fast and comfortable way.
  • Search emojis: When we press on the emoji keyboard to search for one, at the top we get a search engine in which, putting the action or emoji we want, we will quickly find the related emoticons.
  • Anchoring conversations in iMessage: It was needed. Just like in WhatsApp and other apps, it is essential to be able to anchor your important conversations. Now in iMessage it is finally possible.
  • Translate app: A marvel. It works perfectly. If you used another application to translate, delete it because the new iOS 14 It works like pearls.
  • Zoom in photos: Now you can zoom much more than before, in any image on our reel.
  • Picture and Picture: It is good to be able to watch a video while you are in other apps or home screen, but in a iPhone we see it a little annoying. The screen is small and can be annoying. In a iPadIt is a great luxury.
  • App Clips: We have not been able to put it into practice. It is a natively activated function, in new iPhone.In the oldest it will appear in the control center. As soon as we can try it, we will talk about it because it looks very good.
  • Sleep: Monitoring sleep natively is going to make people like us remove the familiar AutoSleep of the iPhone. We have not tested the new sleep function of iOS 14, but interesting information about it appears in the health tab.
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The operation of the beta of iOS 14 on an iPhone 7As we have said, it is better than expected and the autonomy of the battery has not been affected, we would even say that it has improved compared to iOS 13.5.1.

We will continue testing the new iOS and in discovering, above all hidden functions, we will share them with you in future articles.

We hope you serve our ios 14 review.



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