Online Soccer Manager Game for iPhone [GRATIS]

Online Soccer Manager Game for iPhone [GRATIS]

If you are a lover of online soccer manager, we bring you a game for iPhone that you are going to love it. In it you must manage to lead your team to glory training, signing, improving facilities….

Online Soccer Manager Game for iPhone [GRATIS]

ONLINE soccer manager game for iOS

We talk about a game for iphone with which you can take the reins of your football team. If you are one of the lovers of the beautiful game that has been playing celebrities for years PCFootball, Football Manager, Eleven… sure World Football Manager it’s going to hook you.

It is an app that we highlight in our video of apps of the month August 2020 and that it is receiving very good reviews and adding, every day, new players to its competitions. It started with some shortcomings but with the passing of days, weeks, months … it is being polished like a soccer coaches game to take into account.

Online soccer manager game for iPhone:

In the following video, right at the minute 4:08, we talk about him (by clicking on the «Play» it should appear just the moment we tell you about it):

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Personally, as a lover of this type of game, I really liked it. At the beginning, it is a bit difficult to get hold of it, as in all coach simulators, but as soon as you have clear the functions, configure your team and know how the market and training are going, it is pure fun.

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Mainly, we will have to manage our team, develop our players and update the facilities. This is essential to get a good base to qualify for all the titles that we can get.

Screenshots of World Football ManagerOnline Soccer Manager Game for iPhone [GRATIS]

World Football Manager screenshots

We will compete in leagues and cups, against other players in the world. A real-time simulator that will surely hook many lovers of online soccer managers.

It also gives us the opportunity to play daily tournaments to win trophies and win league games to move up in the World Soccer League.

Don’t let it escape and download it. It is FREE And although it offers in-app purchases, it can be played quite well without spending money.

Download World Football Manager

We hope you liked the game that we recommend today and you know, soon more and better in


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