Observe the International Space Station live, thanks to this app

Observe the International Space Station live, thanks to this app

Iss Detector is an app that allows us to know which one can see the International Space Station live.

Observe with the naked eye, the International Space Station

See with your naked eye the international space station

Have you never seen the ISS live? With the app ISS DETECTOR Will you be able to do it. It is an app that will notify us when the International Space Station, above our head and will give us the data to be able to see it with the naked eye.

If you don’t know, we are lovers of stars, planets, nebulae … and in our iPhone not missing astronomy apps. Lately we have added the app that we are talking about today, in our folder “UNIVERSE”. We have always wanted to see the ISS live and since we have this tool, there is not a day that we do not see it.

It is an experience that we recommend you live. To be able to see it, to know that there are people inside, that it travels at a speed of 7.69 km / s, that it goes around the earth every 92 minutes, that it is 400 km above sea level… it is a true past.

How to see the International Space Station (ISS) live:

When we say live we do not mean to see it on video. We mean to see it with our own eyes, from anywhere with little light pollution (although sometimes it is even seen in environments with excessive lighting).

One important thing we must do is allow the app to locate us. In this way you will know the place where we are and at what time we can enjoy the ISS live.

After giving the relevant permissions, we see a list on the screen, which tells us when we can see the ISS from our location.

Days of visible passage of the International Space StationDays of visible passage of the International Space Station

Days of visible passage of the international space station

Click on any of the moments and a lot of information will appear that we will help you decipher.

Details of the day we can see the ISSDetails of the day we can see the ISS

Details of the day when we can see the ISS

We just have to look at the time when we can see it. This is seen in the section «Start«. In our case it tells us that it will appear in the sky at 5:40:02 a.m.will last visible 3m 53s and will hide at 5:43:55 a.m..

The category “Magnitude” gives us the level of brightness with which we will see it. In our case of -1.1. Other times it is much brighter with much higher brightness magnitudes.

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Another thing you should look at is «Initial address«. In our case, mark SSE (Southeast). This means that at the indicated time we should look towards the Southeast. Raising our gaze about 10 degrees, as indicated in «Start height«.

We can use the function “Radar” to focus it with our mobile and know for sure, where the spacecraft will pass.

Interesting information on the app map:

Another interesting thing is to enlarge the map, clicking on the button that appears at the bottom right of it.

ISS trajectoryISS trajectory

ISS trajectory

In him appears the satellite in real time and its trajectory, marked in red.

Here the interesting thing is to look at our location.

Information about the visible path of the ISS from our locationInformation about the visible path of the ISS from our location

Information about the route visible from our location

We expand it and a blue circle and a yellow line will appear. That yellow line tells us where it will go when we can see it. This means that at 5:40:02 a.m. will go through that location. When we see it, we will know that it is flying over southern Morocco and when it is just visible, it will be passing over southern Italy.

Don’t your hair stand on end?

We can also see live images of the space station by clicking on the option Live Cam that appears when we access the details of each sighting.

We advise you, on the main screen, to click on the bell that appears in the upper left of the app. This will prompt us to warn us 5 minutes before the International Space Station appears in the sky.

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Another very important thing is the meteorology data. This is also seen on the main screen, just to the right of each sighting.

Download the app to see it and enjoy the moment:

Download Iss Detector


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