Now you can MAKE MONEY while playing Tetris

Now you can MAKE MONEY while playing Tetris

After the last update of Tetris, new game modes have been added to the application. But also, it is possible earn money while competing against other players.

Make money playing Tetris

Earn money playing Tetris

The game has just been updated with a new live TV show, Tetris Primetime. Combine a live TV show and a tetris game which will offer $ 1 million in annual prizes. The longer you play, the more prizes you can receive.

In addition, different game modes are added that will make you play this exciting classic much more. Possibly the classic of classic games.

How to earn money in Tetris:

Now we can experience the show every afternoon at 7:30 p.m. in the anchor city closest to us. Anchor cities are currently the city of New York, The Angels, Auckland, Perth, Moscow, Berlin and London. At that time, the presenter of the tournament will appear and he will start the competition (We advise that in order to participate you must allow the app to locate you).

Tetris Primetime PresenterTetris Primetime Presenter

Tetris Primetime presenter

We will enter the tournament Tetris where we will face players from all over the world. All of them will want to get a part of the $ 5,000 pot that is distributed, so it will not be easy to get any of the prizes that we pass on to you below:

Earn money on Tetris [Premios]

To get any of the prizes we must last as long as possible in the game. The longer, the more percentage of the prize we will take.

New Tetris game modes:

New and exciting game modes have also arrived with the update. This will make our addiction to gambling even greater. I am personally in love with this classic and these new modes have enchanted me. We tell you below:

New Tetris game modesNew Tetris game modes

New Tetris game modes

Tetris Royale:

You will fight against another 100 players to try to get to be the last one standing. We will be able to appear in the rankings where we will compete with players from our same city, country and other places in the world. To do this, you must click on the cup that appears in this game mode.

TETRIS classification in my cityTETRIS classification in my city

TETRIS classification in my city

Tetris Together:

We can create games against friends and family with the addition of being able to talk to them through voice chat. Fantastic way to have a great time.

Tetris Solo:

Is he classic tetris where you play alone. To play this game mode you can do it even without an Internet connection.

It really is a wonder of update that surely will appeal to all lovers of Tetris and those who are not so much.

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