Now you can back up iOS to Google One

Now you can back up iOS to Google One

Google has announced that some data may now be backed up iOS and iPadOS at service Google One.

Google one drive cloud 1

Google One wants to be used more on iOS and iPadOS

Google One is the subscription service of Google in which all its services are combined and that allows storing content of all of them. That is, all of its services in the new one Google offers by creating an account with them.

This subscription service is completely integrated in devices with Android and, even, it can be used without cons with one of those devices. And, although it is focused on devices that are not Manzana, now Google It will allow iOS and iPadOS users to make “backups” in this service.

Backups on Google One will not be as complete as those on iCloud

These backups, due to the limitations of iOS, will not be as complete as those made by iCloud, but what we can back up will be the photos and videos of our reel, contacts and events in case we make use of the Google calendar.

The service Google OneAs we have already said, it is paid. But as usual Google offers 15GB completely free of charge. And this is what users of iOS and iPadOS We will be able to take advantage to support the content of our iPhone or iPad. Although we can always choose to purchase a subscription.

icloud messagesicloud messages

Messages cannot be synced with One

The free space of 15GB, therefore, it will be shared between the “backup copies” or backup of our files and the space of the other services of Google of which we use with your account. Something that you will have to take into account if you use the service.

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Of course a great move on the part of Google, even more considering that, many users of Apple devices have an account with them. What do you think of this movement? Will you use this service that Google now offers?

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