Now we can share sticker packs on WhatsApp

Now we can share sticker packs on WhatsApp

WhatsApp will allow us to share entire sticker packs directly from a chat with any contact we want.

A new feature could come to WhatsApp

Since WhatsApp are gradually adding more and more functions to make the application more useful and easy to use. Most of them are discovered thanks to the beta phases of the app, before they reach everyone in the final versions.

And this is what has happened with the latest novelty that seems to be incorporating what is the most widely used instant messaging app. It is a highly requested possibility that will make sharing stickers much easier.

This function will not allow us to share our personalized stickers

Specifically, we are talking about the possibility of sharing entire sticker packs. Until now this was not possible and, to share stickers, we had to go one by one, not being able to share the entire pack if we wanted.

But with the new feature discovered this will change completely. Once it reaches the whole world, and as you can see in the beta phase, now the packs of sticker they have an option to share directly.

share pack stickers whatsapp 1

The new option to share stickers

This option can be found on the upper right side of the packs and is illustrated with a quite recognizable arrow. By pressing it, we can choose who we want to send the pack of stickers we want to share and the contact will receive a message with the pack in question.

Of course, from what it seems, once this function reaches the app, it will only allow sharing the packs of stickers from the very “store” of stickers from WhatsApp. Therefore, we cannot share the sticker packs that we have installed through the app.

While it is a shame that not any pack of stickers, It seems to us quite an interesting novelty. What do you think about it? Would you like it to reach the final version of the app?


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