Notes in iOS 15, much more than a simple application to write

Notes in iOS 15, much more than a simple application to write

I already said that IOS 15 beta It is surprising by how fruitful it is. It is full of things that, although in the WWDC 2021 they didn’t hype it up, when you do a little research on what’s new ios, you discover a lot of news.

Notes in iOS 15

Notes is a native application of Manzana that has been with us since the beginning, since Jobs presented the first iPhone in 2007. It works for everything, the same you can add an image what to write in a iPad with a Manzana Pencil, than to scan or sign documents. Notes is the content manager of Manzana.

Notes has received interesting news that will make me use it even more. Without a doubt, another of the improvements of iOS 15 I’m going to get a lot out of it.

Opinion on iOS 15 Notes:

With ios fifteen the notes app has been almost entirely redesigned.

Most of the new features focus on the ability to tag notes and work together with friends and colleagues. Can you do mentions, which make collaboration on shared notes or folders more social, direct and contextual. You can too create smart folders, custom, which automatically collect notes in one place based on tags. You may label, any note just by typing a text preceded by a # so that the system converts it into a label.

iOS 15 Notes

IOS 15 Notes (Image:

It will also be the place where I can use the function Live Text which, as I said, is one of the best news that this new Apple iOS brings.

For my work, I use the application more and more. In it, full of folders, I have all the important data in my life. My notes are updated via iCloud on all my devices Manzana and I am always ready with certain information.

With Notes I have everything at hand. Both the important data for my company, as well as the articles that I write for you. In the same application, divided into folders, I have everything! That is a great advantage when it comes to having everything in sight.

If someone asks me for a recommendation on an application to download and have a lot of important information, I would advise the native of Manzana. I advise you Notes to everyone, and with iOS 15 Notes will revive.


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