No, Instagram has not deleted the temporary photos and videos

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Due to a bug, many users have seen how they could not send or receive temporary photos and videos in the application.

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Instagram removes and not functions

Instagram It has numerous functions that, to a greater or lesser extent, are used by its users. One of these functions is the possibility of sending temporary or ephemeral photos and videos through the app’s direct messages.

And, it seems, in the last few hours this function has been affected. Apparently, many users could not send this type of content in private messages and, in doing so, they wanted a message informing of the deactivation of the function in the European Union.

What if you have deleted Instagram are the temporary text messages in the messages

After the appearance of these messages, the only option that Instagram gave was to delete the message or to report a problem, with no further margin to do anything. But from the looks of it, this was all an application glitch.

This has been made known from the company, making it clear that the possibility of sending ephemeral or temporary photos or videos has not disappeared from the app, but that it has been an error, and it should allow this type of content to be sent again.

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Instagram recently added FAQs to posts

And, although this function has not been eliminated, there has been a similar one that has done so. It’s about temporary messages. These messages allowed messages to be sent between users that were deleted once the conversation was closed.

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In this way, when the ephemeral mode was activated in a chat, when any of the participants closed the conversation, the messages would be deleted. And this feature, as well as the ability to see how many times our posts have been shared by messages, if it has disappeared due to the new EU rules.

What do you think Instagram have you deleted the ephemeral messages? Are you glad they didn’t do the same with the photos and videos?


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