Niantic to release a Transform game in AR this year

Niantic to release a Transform game in AR this year

It seems like Niantic I’d be working on a new game of Reality Augmented based on the movie franchise of Transformers.

A new game is coming in Niantic AR

We are sure that many of you will recognize the Niantic name. It is the company responsible for what was one of the most important and relevant Augmented Reality games of the moment based on a Nintendo franchise: Pokemon go.

In addition, the company already had some other Augmented Reality games to its credit. And since they are still quite popular, they will continue in that line. In this case, they would be developing an Augmented Reality game based on Transformers.

This new Niantic game in Augmented Reality will be based on Transformers

At the moment not many details are known about what the future game will be. At the moment only his name is known, which will be Transformers: Heavy Metal, and that it will deal with a plot in which the classic character of the Bumblebee saga is involved.

This is how little can be told about the game since it is how little can be known about it thanks to its website. No more details are known about the pro itself, we imagine that as the time when the game will be available approaches, we will know many more details apart from knowing its name and that it is an AR game.

battles between pokemon go 2 trainers

The popular Niantic game Pokemon GO

There is still no exact date for the launch of this game, the only thing that is “known” is that it could arrive at the end of this year. But, if you want and are interested, you can sign up on the game’s website to find out all the details and the latest news.

What do you think of this future Niantic game in AR? Do you like the saga on which it will be based and will you download it or do you not like this type of game?


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