News of Xiaomi Mi Band 6, a good accessory for iPhone

News of Xiaomi Mi Band 6, a good accessory for iPhone

Greetings! We are about to receive the gadget best-selling of the moment, the Mi band 6, but before analyzing it for you, we want to tell you the news that this famous accessory brings to iPhone.

What’s new with the Xiaomi Mi Band 6

As every year, Xiaomi releases a new version of its Smart band best seller. Since the My band 4Every year we buy one of these bands to try them and tell you about them. Without a doubt it is one of the best iPhone accessories that you can find. In terms of quality, price, it has no competitor.

Last year the Mi band 5 It far exceeded its previous version. It seemed impossible to add new functions to this complete band but yes, new features were added that made it the best Smart band quality-price of the market.

News of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6:

One of the main novelties, which does not go unnoticed at all, is the screen. Specifically, it grows up to 1.56 inches and its pixel density, up to 326. It has technology AMOLED like version 5, and how could it be otherwise, it is tactile.

Another section that has benefited from a great improvement is the sports section. As we have been able to read, it has up to 30 different types of exercise, including HIIT, Zumba or street dancing. It is also capable of starting the recording of six physical activities automatically, without the user having to enter the application and start training. The latter is something that others wearables As the Apple watch they also offer.

Characteristics My band 5 vs My band 6

Characteristics My band 5 vs My band 6 (Source: Xataka)

Another of the big changes, we find it in the sensor SPO2. In the Mi band 5 we have a sensor for heart rate and sleep. In this Xiaomi Mi Band 6 have improved heart rate measurement, as well as sleep measurement, including Naps. Now the Mi band 6 is able to record the quality of breathing during sleep, as well as measuring the heart rate for 24 hours.

SPO2 on the Mi Band 6

SpO2 on the Mi Band 6 (Source:

To all this is added, for the first time, a blood oxygen saturation or SpO2 meter. With this we can check the degree of efficiency of our breathing or how well oxygen is being transported by our body. How i sleep with me Apple watch, I promise to bring you a comparison of both devices so that you can appreciate the differences.

We hope to receive it shortly, and tell you our impressions first-hand. Of course I will link it with my iPhone personal and will use it for a few days to bring you the best possible user experience. If you want me to do a specific test, leave me in the comments, and I will be delighted to do it!

If you can’t wait to have it, and you want to get hold of it now, we leave you the link to buy with a discount ➡️ Xiaomi Band 6

See you soon!.


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