New sequel to the most downloaded soccer platform game on iOS

New sequel to the most downloaded soccer platform game on iOS

A new version of the well-known soccer game arrives Score HERO!. A new sequel that will catch us as much as its first part and that we encourage everyone to download. If you are a lover of the beautiful sport… DOWNLOAD IT !!!.

Score! Hero 2 for iPhone and iPad

In early 2016 we tested Score! Hero to which we dedicate an article given the high level of addiction that it caused us. Today we have the great news that a new sequel to this exciting platform game has been released.

Whether you played it back then or not, we encourage you to download it. It will surely offer you fun and entertainment at any time when you do not know what to do, you get bored, you are waiting for the bus…. Being able to play with a single finger makes it very enjoyable to enjoy.

The sequel to one of the most played soccer games in history is the fashion game:

The graphics have improved, as well as the animations and gameplay. One of the most interesting novelties of this new version is that now the game comes with the official license of clubs and real leagues. Authentic kits and badges to further enhance the football experience.

Screenshots of Score! Hero 2

Screenshots of Score! Hero 2

If you have never played this exciting game, say that it is very easy to play. We become a soccer player who will be offered to play in a second-line team. From there we must begin our meteoric rise to reach the best clubs in the world and, why not, to the national team.

Each phase will provide us with objectives to meet, which we will have to engineer in order to achieve them. In the first phases you will have no problem completing them, but we assure you that there will be levels in which you will not know how to center, shoot, pass … to get the maximum possible stars.

Certainly one of the best soccer games for iPhone and iPad, of the App Store.

Download Score! Hero 2



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