New Macs can run iOS and iPadOS apps

New Macs can run iOS and iPadOS apps

Apparently the new Mac presented by Manzana, they will be able to run applications iOS Y iPadOS fully natively.


Great feature comes to Macs

A few days ago Manzana held an event in which he presented his new Mac. The main novelty of these MacBook Air and Pro Y Mac mini is that they are Mac with Manzana Silicon and that have, for the first time, their own processor Manzana, the chip M1.

This has many benefits for all Mac which include the chip itself Manzana. But one of the benefits that the users of these Macs can notice the most is a novelty that comes with the update of the operating system Big South.

New Macs will be able to natively run iOS and iPadOS apps thanks to macOS Big Sur

And it is that, thanks to the update and whenever the developers want, we will be able to use applications of iOS Y iPadOS in our Mac. This is because the operating system update will allow the mobile applications to run on the Mac natively.

In this way, we could see how many of our apps favorites of iPhone Y iPad begin to reach the Mac. And not only applications, but also many of the games that right now we can only play in iPhone Y iPad could be transferred to Mac in a simple way, taking advantage of the power of the new Mac.

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Will we see popular iPhone and iPad apps on Macs?

That is, although this function comes with the update of Big South, only the Mac which include the chip M1 they will be able to make use of it. Therefore, not all users of MacAs much as your computer can upgrade to Big Sur, you will be able to take advantage of this feature.

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We will still have to wait to see if the developers dare and end up bringing their apps from iOS Y iPadOS to the new Mac. But, we are sure that thanks to this and to universal purchases, developers will finally bring their apps to the Mac.

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