New iOS update, iOS 13.7 arrives, the supposed final version

New iOS update, iOS 13.7 arrives, the supposed final version

We show you all the news of the new iOS update, known as iOS 13.7 and which is rumored to be the final version.

New iOS update, iOS 13.7 arrives

Today we talk about iOS 13.7, the new version of iOS. We are going to show you all the news about it, and which is expected to be the latest version before iOS 14.

Apple is already known for its updates. And it is that we are used to that practically every month they release an update to correct errors or simply to implement some other novelty. In this case, without going any further, we are already in version 13.7.

Above all, this version is expected to be the most stable of all and, of course, to be the latest version before the release of iOS 14 in the coming months. So we show you all its news.

IOS 13.7 arrives and these are its news

Obviously, we cannot expect great news from a version of this type, but we can always find something or other in it, and if we dig a little, we always find something else.

In this case, and if we stick to what is indicated in the summary of its update, these are the news that we will find:

  • New Memoji stickers.
  • The ability to share folders from the Files app.
  • It also includes improvements and bug fixes.
iOS 13.7 1iOS 13.7 1

Update information

Above all, these bug fixes, we hope they are focused on the stability of the system and that they leave a very fine final version. But there is something else that Apple does not tell us about and that is rumored to come in this version of iOS 13.7. It is known as <>.

iOS 13.7 2iOS 13.7 2

Example of the new exposure notification feature

If we pay attention to these rumors, we are facing a function that Apple implements in its system natively and from which we do not need to have any app installed to notify us if we have been exposed to the virus or not. This also depends on the governments of each country and the information they provide to Apple, but yes, the tools are there.

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In the next few days we will investigate this issue a little more thoroughly and we will comment in great detail if this new function is finally implemented in the system or not.

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