New gestures and functions come to the YouTube app to facilitate its use

New gestures and functions come to the YouTube app to facilitate its use

Youtube just added new gestures and functions to your app. With them we try to make our navigation and content consumption much more enjoyable and easy.

News comes to the YouTube app for iOS

The application of Youtube just implemented new gestures. These will allow us to use its interface in a more intuitive way and we will not have to search through the video options to activate and deactivate the functions most used by the user.

We already had gestures available such as pressing twice on the sides of the video to move forward and backward in 10 seconds, now a few more are added, which we will mention below.

New gestures and YouTube functions:

We can enjoy these gestures after updating the application to its latest version. If you do it and they do not appear, be patient because the implementation will be done little by little.

Gestures to access and exit full screen mode:

Playing the video with the iPhone vertically, just swipe up to enter full screen. If you want to exit it, slide your finger down on the screen.

See video playback time:

If you’d rather see how much time is counting down compared to elapsed time in a video, now tap on the timestamp to toggle between the two counters.

Access the list of chapters of a video:

The new chapter list view that we can find in a video is seen by clicking on the chapter title in the player. You will be able to see a complete list of all the chapters included in the video you are watching, each with a thumbnail preview of what you will find in it.

In the following video you can see what the chapters of a Youtube video. Access its description to see them.

New subtitle and autoplay button location:

The subtitle button is no longer inside the 3-dot button and appears at the top right of the screen. In this way we can access them in a more direct way.

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As for the automatic play button, say that it stops being under the videos and becomes in the upper right part of them.

New buttons on Youtube

New buttons on Youtube

The new actions come to improve the experience:

They are starting to implement suggested actions, which will ask us to turn the phone or play a video in virtual reality when they think it can have a better experience.

What do you think of all these new functions and gestures? Would you ask them to add any more?

We hope you have been interested in the news and share it on your favorite messaging apps and networks.



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