New “dangerous” apps discovered in the App Store

New "dangerous" apps discovered in the App Store

New applications have been discovered in the App Store considered dangerous due to the different methods they use.

New «risk» in the App Store

All users of iPhone or iPad we know that, to a greater extent, ios Y iPadOS they are more secure operating systems than others. But this does not make them completely exempt from danger, and it is something that a new list of apps.

These applications that can be found within the App Store It is part of what is called Fleceeware, and their task is to raise as much money as possible for something that other apps can do completely for free.

These apps, of almost any category, have too high subscription prices

The method used by these apps, of almost any category we can imagine, is to allow a free trial period for a certain period of time, but then charge an amount to continue using the app. And this is where the real problem appears.

When it comes to charging the subscription, which can even be charged automatically because the user has accepted it in this way, the price of it is very high. As they show, it can be more than € 80 per week, even reaching more than € 800 per year. Quite high prices and that can give a scare to more than one who has accepted the subscription.

app store app store

The iOS App Store

In any case, although these apps can pose a great cost to users, there does not seem to be a risk that they can introduce any virus, or introduce malware of any kind that could damage our devices in any way. But that does not mean that they are dangerous.

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The best thing we can recommend is that, when downloading an app with a free trial and subscription, you review the subscription conditions well. In this way you will know exactly the conditions and price of it and you will not get any scare later.


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